P.o.W. 12 Hours of Worship

P.o.W. will be doing 12 hours of worship & honor to the Lord, honoring His heart for the nations. We will start at NOON, and end at MIDNIGHT, with numerous worship teams involved. PLEASE come and add YOUR part, as only you can do, to the swift advancement of the Kingdom of GOD!! We will be collecting non-perishable food items, for the needy, as an act of compassion, to go along with our act of...

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ONE Worship Gatherings

ONE WORSHIP GATHERINGS ONE is a regional vertical worship ministry. These gatherings consist of worship teams from all over the region joining together to contribute to an extended expression of worship that lasts 24 hours or longer. One Body worshiping One God. The purpose of ONE is to release a sustained expression of praise and worship in a city or region to God, to build relationships and comm...

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Graham Cooke: The San Diego Sessions 2 – Creating a Prophetic Mindset

What we think about God and ourselves is foundational to life and ministry in the spirit.  All prophecy is generated in the heart of God and the mind of Christ that we have encountered personally. In this school of Prophecy we will learn to speak from the inner man of the Spirit and not the outer man of the soul.  The vision that the Father has for all His people will drive our prophetic gift into...

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