Third Day Churches International is a fellowship of permission givers encouraging each other to experiment with doing ministry differently, and hopefully more effectively in this postmodern twenty-first century. As a partnership of leaders, we are endeavoring to cultivate relationally-based encounters that release the priesthood potential of all believers in a given geographic locale or region.

Our desire is to help each individual believer discover their unique identity in Christ and to embrace fully their personal destiny.

Third Day Churches was birthed in the San Diego, California USA Region. The people listed below are some of the individuals who carry the simple “third day permissional” message in their own way in the San Diego area. Please make appropriate contact with them through the email address(s) that are listed. To see their email address, simply click on the name you desire to contact and send your email message.


Jessica Dabdoub

Debra Lyons

Joseph Mark Mueller

James & Carrie Paraiso

Jean Shen


Dennis & Peg Casarez

Erik Frederickson

Jim & Kathy Kubiak

Jerry Love

Hector Martinez

Dan & Sarah Shepler

San Diego Healing Rooms>


Cindy Incorvia

Lynette Lisk

Beth Nichols

Carol Kiger-Rice

Scott & Mara Roberts

Jean Shen

Joanne Stroud


Harold & Graciela Anderson

Tim & Gina Crozier

David & Christine DeWitt

City of Refuge>

Erik Frederickson

Wayne and Carol Kiger-Rice

Voice of the Bride (Tijuana, Mexico Outreach)>

Dudley Reincke

NETWORKS (House Churches)

Clayton & Jessica Connolly

Tim & Gina Crozier

Rusty & Maryann Lawrence

Chris & Kay Dee Mengel

Andrew & Valerie Thatcher

David & Sharon Waddington

Barry & Barb Young


Malorie & Joel DeWitt

Henry Haney

One Worship Gatherings>

Michael Hubbard

Katie Marie Mueller

Carol Kiger-Rice

P.o.W. Monthly Worship>

Dan & Kerah Riel

Beth Nichols