Voice of the Bride Ministries


Voice of the Bride “Worship and Compassion” Ministries exists for two purposes.

We are committed to serving the poor and needy, specifically in Mexico.  Daily, we are either picking up donated food supplies for distribution in Tijuana, or distributing food and other items to those in need in the poorer parts of Tijuana.  This includes orphanages, rehabs, elderly homes, women’s shelters, infirmaries, and various street outreaches, where many people hear the Gospel, as well as receive food for their families.

VOB is also committed to furthering the Kingdom of GOD through worship and intercession, believing that prayer and worship ‘grease the wheels’ of mission work.   VOB has sponsored and led worship in several targeted worship and intercession events. We have led worship at various outreaches in Tijuana, and are holding regular worship events in San Diego and around the nation designed to encourage people to spend extended time before the Lord in worship and prayer, and, specifically, to extend GOD’s Kingdom on behalf of the nations through worship and intercession.


Food is gathered daily in San Diego and transported to Tijuana, Mexico several times a week, and worship outreaches are held at various scheduled times locally, nationally and abroad.  At present VOB partners with Native American leaders by standing in the gap, on various reservations, with worship and intercession for their oppressed Nations!


Leaders: Wayne and Carol Kiger-Rice

VOB Ministries

PO Box 99057

San Diego, CA 92169
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voiceofthebrideministries
Email: vobministries@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.voiceofthebride.net