ONE Worship Gatherings


Is a regional vertical worship ministry. These gatherings consist of worship teams from all over the region joining together to contribute to an extended expression of worship that lasts 24 hours or longer. One Body worshiping One God.

The purpose of ONE is to release a sustained expression of praise and worship in a city or region to God, to build relationships and community within the Body of Christ and to see breakthrough happen in the midst of God’s presence.

ONE probably looks different than your typical worship service in some ways. Each band takes a 2 hour time slot with flawless transitions between bands. The bands are set up “in the round” (all musicians in the middle of the room facing each other) as a way to not only help the musicians follow each other but also to help all others in attendance feel like a part of what is happening (as opposed to the separation of the stage and audience). Because this is a vertical worship expression there are no lyrics put up on a screen.

There are many expressions of worship generally represented at these events including singing, painting, drawing, dancing, flags, writing, spoken word, spontaneous song, poetry…




City to city in the San Diego Region


Leader: Henry Haney