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Where Did Jesus Come To Change? – Tim Crozier

As Jesus entered the temple for the first time in the gospel of John, it says that He made a whip and began to drive out the money-changers, turn their tables over and spill out all their gains. He said they were making the house of God into a place for merchandising. Besides this one time I do not see Jesus doing much about how or what was being done WHEN people went to temple, to synagogue or to homes for fellowship, breaking bread, hearing of the Word, or ministry. Another words, He didn’t spend a lot of time worrying
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Ingredients & Measure – Tim Crozier

So for this Valentine’s Day I decided to “speak” the love language that my wife Gina speaks the most to people she loves; food. She has a gift for preparing, presenting and downright enjoying a great meal with friends. It’s one of the ways she communicates and receives love. I had the idea to make something for her so that she would experience what others do by her taking the time it takes to plan the meal, buy the ingredients, prepare the items, cook them at the right time and in the right order so that every item of the
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